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Coudenberg at home: digital exhibitions

Temporary exhibition

Discover the digital exhibitions "Andreas Vesalius" on medicine during the Renaissance and "A Renaissance Banquet" on the arts of the table.

A Renaissance Banquet

During the Renaissance, the art of dining took a new turn and spectacular preparations are reflected in sumptuous feasts to rival the surroundings and impress the guests.

In our Ressource center, under the tag “Exposition Banquet Renaissance” (French) or “Tentoonstelling Renaissancebanket” (Dutch), you may find a selection of objects, ancient drawings, texts and pictures from our 2016 exhibition.

Worked out in collaboration with the Castle of Boussu.

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Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564), a native of Brussels, was the anatomist who revolutionised the knowledge of the human body, but also the personal physician of the most powerful man of the 16th century: Emperor Charles V.

In our resource centre, under the tag “Exposition André Vésale” (French) or “Tentoonstelling Andreas Vesalius” (Dutch), find a selection of objects, old pictures, panels and photos from our 2015 exhibition.

Produced in collaboration with the Museum of Medicine in Brussels.

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