Coudenberg Sound Box Fest


Coudenberg Sound Box Fest is a playlist that takes you on a musical journey through the palace. You can listen to the playlist at home or at the Coudenberg Palace via our online audioguide. Important: you must bring your own device in order to listen to the music on site. There, you can use the free wifi network (Wi-Fi Coudenberg).

There is no extra charge for the musical visit. You pay the regular rate that applies to you.

The Coudenberg Palace entrusts the flutist and musicologist Matteo Gemolo ( with the creation of a playlist entitled Sound Box Fest which will make listeners and visitors travel in time and space; from Baroque and Classical music from the 17th and 18th centuries to jazz and contemporary music, all inspired by the underground remains of the former Royal Palace of Brussels.

7 groups (solo, duo, trio) will perform in the different rooms which constitute the underground route of the Coudenberg Palace. The performances have been recorded and filmed in a professional manner. Interviews with musicians (in French, English, Dutch, German, Italian or Spanish) have been be carried out as well. Everything will be edited and subtitled to become a full-fledged audio tour. 




Carlota Ingrid Garcia (Spain) – traverso
Izana Soria (Spain) – baroque violin
Edouard Catalan (France) – baroque cello

Maarten Stragier
(Belgium) – classical & electric guitar

Conor Gricmans & Catalina Vicens
(Latvia/UK) – Baroque violin & (Chile/Switzerland) – Harpsichord

Europa Ritrovata
Matteo Gemolo (Italy) – traverso
Conor Gricmanis (Latvia/UK) – violin
Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger (Germany) – harpsichord

Marylene Corro & Thibault Dille
(Belgium) – voice & (Belgium) – accordion and electric keyboard

Duo Calambur
Blanca Prieto (Spain) – violin
Rebecca Lefèvre (Sweden) – viola da gamba

Enrico Pigozzi (Italy) – electronics
Julia Szproch (Poland) – soprano

With the support of Delphine Houba, alderwoman for culture of the city of Brussels.