Nocturne – The Emperor's cat


Together with Contes en Balade, you will pay an atypical visit to the Coudenberg Palace: a travelling fairy tale. Many years ago, a group of young visitors explored the palace with electric torches. They made a strange discovery at the bottom of a dark hollow: the skeleton of a cat. To this day, historians and archaeologists cannot explain the presence of this cat. When archaeologists remain speechless, storytellers take the floor. At last, they reveal the mystery of the cat!

Every Thursday evening from April 22 to June 10, the Nocturnes are back to put stars in your eyes.

In the heart of the current exhibitions or timeless collections, sharpen your gaze thanks to our standing guides who answer all your questions, go behind the scenes in the museums or let your children marvel with tailor-made artistic workshops. The Nocturnes are always organized by neighbourhood and also propose some extra-muros tours.


Only in French and Dutch


Practical information:

Entrance: Place des Palais 7 Paleizenplein, 1000 Brussels

Date: May 06

Schedule: from 5 pm to 10 pm

Rate: 5€ (standard), 2,50€ (-26 year old) and €1,25 (A27)

Reservation mandatory on the Nocturnes website