Brussels Poetry Fest


Brussels Poetry Fest is a niche festival, completely dedicated to the contemporary avant-garde, not afraid to start a dialogue with the mainstream. From thursday 7th to sunday 10th september 2017.

During the fourth edition of the Brussels Poetry Fest, the best of the international poetry scene will experiment four days long in new and unusual places in Brussels. The inspiration for this 4the edition is the work of René Magritte and his La Trahison des Images. Poetry on demand and workshops for all ages.

On Sunday afternoon a special international program was developed for the BELvue museum and Coudenberg Palace. Expect an afternoon full of surprises and be surprised during the visit to both museums by poetic interventions.

Maintenant Tea

Art & poetry installations & performances


Poetry on Demand: Akim AJ Willems (BE), Irene Siekman (NL), Akkad, le Gardien du Monde Perdu (BE-MA), Marja Unt (EE), Rauno Alliksaar (EE), Ignacio Perini (AR), Joy (BE)…
Festival poets are waiting in the BELvue museum and in the Coudenberg palace for the visitors to request them to write a poem.

14:00 - 17:00

17 Filmpoems by Marina Kazakova (RU)
14:00 - 17:00 (Coudenberg)

The Russian videopoet Marina Kazakova has been inspired by post-industrial Belgian landscapes to depict her poetry.

Tour de Belgique: Laurence Vielle (BE-CH) & Els Moors (BE)
14:00 (BELvue)

The first results of the road poetry project by the Poets of our Fatherland, in Dutch and French.

Three Rooms Press presents Maintenant 11: Kat Georges (US), Peter Carlaftes (US), Jaan Malin (EE), Faithfull (CM), David Ishaya Osu (NG), Iulia Militaru (RO), Sophie Malleret (FR-US), Luc Fierens, e.a.
14:30 - 15:30 (BELvue)

The New York based editors and performers Kat Georges and Peter Carlaftes present the artists who were published in their international dada art & poetry magazine Maintenant #11 to a Belgian audience.

Congo-Eza: Lisette Lombé (BE-CD), Joëlle Sambi (BE-CD), Badi (BE-CD)
16:00 (Coudenberg)

Three poets perform their Congolese roots. A beautiful view on a common past, the present and an uncertain future which is sometimes intimate, sometimes in your face. (With the support of Lezarts Urbains)

Reading Movement by Camilla Nelson (UK) (performance)
17:00 (Coudenberg)

How does one perform a book? Book, page, cover, text, movement and sound melt into a performance true to the Brussels Poetry Fest style.

Practical information

Entrance: 10€
from 14:00 to 17:00

From September 8 till 10, international poets experiment at the Royal Observatory, GC Essegem, the Public Libraries of Jette, the cultural centre of Jette centre Armillaire, Musée Magrittemuseum Jette, Café De Boerkes, in the public space and on a train in Jette, Het Goudblommeke van Papier-La Fleur en Papier Doré, the BELvue Museum, the Coudenberg Palace and on the web. This is a project by be.poetic vzw.

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