Coudenberg Sound Box Fest 2023 - EARTH 10/12


Coudenberg Sound Box Fest

Underground festival at the heart of Europe

Every Sunday from 26th November to 17th December: double concerts + visit the archeological site of the Coudenberg Palace.

Much more than a classical music festival, Coudenberg Sound Box Fest aims to reconnect its audience with Belgium's archaeological, historical and artistic heritage by bringing the remains of the Coudenberg Palace into dialogue with the eclecticism and the dynamism of its present.

From early music dating back to the 14th century, through baroque, jazz, folk and electronic music, to contemporary compositions, the subtle and invisible links between these different styles will be revealed by internationally renowned musicians from the City of Brussels and Belgium.

Music in its four elements: in search of its hidden roots

Sunday  10/12/23 – 18:30 (Doors: 18:00 - end foreseen around 21:00)

Petar Pejčić cello
Petar Pejčić, the youngest winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition (5th prize, 2022 edition), will be bringing back to the stage the same sonata for solo cello by György Ligeti that set the Belgian public alight in 2022 as part of the semi-final of the Queen Elisabeth Competition. Alongside another sonata for solo cello by another 20th-century Hungarian master such as Zoltán Kodály, Petar Pejčić will on this occasion present the absolute premiere of an avant-garde work by one of the most famous living Belgian composers:  Lapis Lapzuli by Jacqueline Fontyn.

Anneleen Boehme double bass 
Belgian double bassist Anneleen Boehme has made a name for herself both as a member of the celebrated LABtrio and as a soloist.  Her recent solo performances at the Bel Jazz Fest in Flagey were a real revelation. She is now preparing her first solo album, which will be released by W.E.R.F. Records and presented as part of the Coudenberg Sound Box Fest.


Detailed programme

Practical information:

Wear warm clothes and/or shoes or bring a blanket.

ADDRESS: Coudenberg Palace, Place Royale 10, 1000 Brussels


  • Music Curator CSBF: Dr Matteo Gemolo
  • Administrative Assistant CSBF: Justyna Novakovic
  • Director Coudenberg Palace: Frédérique Honoré


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