Enjoy a picnic at the museum!


From  the 1st of July to the 3rd of September, the association “Musées et Société en Wallonie” organises the activity "Picnic at the Museum". The idea? Enjoying a picnic with your friends and family at the museum! Taking place on August 18th at Coudenberg Palace, you will get to discover the WAOUW treasure chests.  On that day, any family or group that has reserved for the Waouw chests activity shall bring along a little something to eat and share a delicious meal in the Gothic Gallery of the Coudenberg Palace.

WAOUW chests? What’s that ?

These chests are intended to introduce you in a playful way to the history of the Coudenberg Palace. They are spread on the archaeological site as well as on the museum. On arrival, you receive a key that opens a number of chests containing a variety of activities to enjoy with your friends or parents. WAOUW chests are not only a fun way to explore the palace remains and the archaeological site, but also a great opportunity to learn about a major part of our European historical heritage.

Practical information

"Picnic at the Museum" as part of the WAOUW treasure chests activity: August 18, from 10 am to 6 pm.
Suitable for families with kids: ages 4-12, with at least 1 adult.
Activity rate: €4/ child (+ adult  €7, senior €6)

Reservation compulsory in the BELvue Museum webshop. Call + 32 (0)2 500 45 54 in case of problem.
More info about the event: www.museozoom.be/marmaille-co