Murder Mystery Game


An investigation game to play in the remains of the former Palace of Brussels. The goal?  Solve a 500-year-old cold case

Brussels, 1521. During festivities at Coudenberg Palace, an important person dies in strange circumstances. Centuries later, his ghost and that of fellow guests now haunt the remains of the palace. Startled by the presence of these lost souls, the museum's guardians ask visitors to discover the key to this mystery. To do so, you will have to overcome your fear and interview the witnesses to the drama.

Go down under the Place Royale to discover the remains of Charles V's former palace and investigate in a thrilling Murder Party.

How does it work?
Use your smartphone (or tablet) to collect clues spread around the archaeological site. Using QR codes and videos, listen to the testimony of each character in the story to solve the enigma. The game master will help you to clarify your hypothesis and solve the mystery.

Practical information
When: Tuesday 2nd of May 2023 from 17:30 to 22:00

Prices: 15€ -12€ (-26 years old)
Entrance: Place Royale 10 - 1000 Brussels
Info: or + 32 (0)2 563 61 79
Languages: French, Dutch, English
Public: from 15 years old

Reservation obligatory via

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