Musical tour


Coudenberg Sound Box Fest is a playlist that takes you on a musical journey through the palace. You can listen to the playlist at home or at the Coudenberg Palace via our online audioguide.
Important: you must bring your own device in order to listen to the music on site. There, you can use the free wifi network (Wi-Fi Coudenberg).

There is no extra charge for the musical visit. You pay the regular rate that applies to you.

The Coudenberg Palace entrusts the flutist and musicologist Matteo Gemolo ( with the creation of a playlist entitled Sound Box Fest which will make listeners and visitors travel in time and space; from Baroque and Classical music from the 17th and 18th centuries to jazz and contemporary music, all inspired by the underground remains of the former Royal Palace of Brussels.

Multiple groups performed in the different rooms which constitute the underground route of the Coudenberg Palace. The performances have been recorded and filmed in a professional manner. Everything will be edited and subtitled to become a full-fledged audio tour. 


Coudenberg Soundbox Fest 2022:

Nicolas Achten & Scherzi Musicali
Nicolas Achten - bariton, double harp, chitarrone & direction
François Dambois - liuto grosso, chitarrone
Lies Wyers - lirone

Agnès Clément

Conor Gricmanis - baroque violin
Miriam Nohl - viola da gamba
Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger - harpischord

Two Envelopes
Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger - harpischord
Jacob Vanneste - percussions

Jonatan Alvarado - voice
Maria-José Jeannine - gothique harpe
Thomas Baeté - violin and voice

Alexandre Lambrecht (Halehan)


Music Curator CSBF: Matteo Gemolo /  Administrative Assistant CSBF: Justyna Novakovic / Press & Communication:

With support of: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Direction générale de la Culture, Service de la Musique / Ville de Bruxelles - Echevinat de la Culture, du Tourisme, des Grands évènements et du Matériel communal / Ceci & Sons ASBL / La Boîte à Musique