Underground concert: Conor Gricmanis & Jonatan Bougt


The promise of multiple discoveries: that of a major heritage of Brussels, buried under the cobblestones of the Royale Square, but also unexpected musical sensations, coordinated by the flutist and musicologist Dr. Matteo Gemolo, (www.matteogemolo.com) and amplified by an exceptional environment.

A program of 3 live concerts in a palace which used to be a place enlivened with creativity.

Playing with the history of spaces and the perceptible vibrations of city traffic, Gemolo takes you far, very far from any beaten track. Because music is a medium that allows individuals to come into communion despite their differences, you will discover that the heart of Brussels keeps beating thanks to the energy of artists from all walks of life, and who have chosen to settle there.

Conor Gricmanis (Baroque Violin) + Jonatan Bougt (Baroque Guitar)

‘Dances for peasants and royals alike’

John Playford (1623 – 1686/7)
from Paul’s Steeple

Robert de Visée (c. 1655 – 1732/1733)
Suite in D minor 

Allemande la Royalle – Courante - Sarabande – Gavotte – Chaccone - Mascarade Rondeau

Davis Mell (1604 – 1662)
John come kiss me now

René Drouard de Bousset (1703 – 1760)
Pourquoi doux Rossignols dans ce sombre se jour

George Philipp Telemann (1681 – 1767)
Faronell’s Ground Polonaises
from Rostock MS 

Nicola Matteis (1640/50 – après 1713)
Suite in G major

Preludio - Musica, Grave-Presto - Sarabanda, Adagio - Aria burlesca, Presto - Aria, Grave

Diverse Bizzarrie Sopra la vecchia sarabanda


This concert is organised within the framework of the Coudenberg Sound Box Fest. The "playlist" entitled Sound Box Fest, also constitutes a musical visit guide recorded live in the archaeological site of the Royal Palace of Brussels; it is available on our audio guide and on Youtube.

Practical Information

Date: Sunday 12/12, 6 pm
: Place Royale 10, 1000 Bruxelles.
Price: 15 euros / pass 3 concerts 35 euros

  • either with the Payconiq app at the entrance before the concert www.payconiq.be
  • or preferably with a bank transfer to BE90 7360 3156 0632. A proof of payment will be required at the entrance.  

Info and booking: info@coudenberg.brussels – 02 563 61 79

Coudenberg Palace is not heated.
For your own comfort, we recommend you to come with a suitable outfit.