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Multimedia visits

Audioguide & Interactive Plan Apps for Kids!

Audioguide & Interactive plan

Use our audioguide, interactive plan and ancient images to discover the full history of the Palace of Coudenberg.

Listen to our audioguide using our free web app on your smartphone. Connect to our free Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi Coudenberg) to access it during your visit.

Access to the audioguide

Audioguide Coudenberg

Practical Information

Languages: French, Dutch, English, German
Name of Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Coudenberg

Apps for kids!

Underground Treasure Hunt: In Search of the Treasure of the Golden Fleece

Little Charles V needs your help! He has forgotten the code to open his treasure chest. And there’s something very special in that chest: his collar of the order of the Golden Fleece. Little Charles is looking for tough knights and princesses to crack the code. Are you daring enough to join him on his quest in the underground remains of Coudenberg Palace? If you succeed, no doubt Charles will reward you!

Armed with your own smartphone or tablet, and with a backpack with equipment as well, you are good to start the treasure hunt.

Every child receives a backpack with the equipment to complete missions (treasure map, fancy dress, puzzle, flashlight…). Every mission in the app gives an indication to find the password that will allow the child to reach the treasure chest (where the famous collar of the Golden Fleece is). For certain missions, the help and presence of the adults is essential.
The children receive a little gift at the end of the game.

Practical Information:

Suitable for: ages 5-8 with family.
Languages: English, French, Dutch.

Activity price: €4 / backpack (+ €7 Adult, €6 Senior).
Application: download in Google Play and App Store

Duration: 1h - 1h30.
Reservation: compulsory in the BELvue Museum webshop. Call +32 2 500 45 54 in case of problem.

Stone, Mortar, Chisel!

Armed with your own smartphone or tablet, discover the archaeological site from the perspective of materials and construction techniques.

The activity "Stone, Mortar, Chisel!" has been created by the "Classes du Patrimoine et de la Citoyenneté" (Heritage and Citizenship Classes) for the 2010 edition of the Days of the Heritage. It encloses an app on how to discover the site and how to experience the visit.

Practical Information:

Suitable for: ages 10-15, with family or in school association.
Languages: English, French, Dutch.

Application: free download in Google Play and App Store.

Duration: 1h - 1h30.
No reservation needed. For groups, please book your group visit in the BELvue Museum webshop.