Urban Archaeology Days


Discover the lapidarium and the Coudenberg museum from a distance.

The Coudenberg palace is more than just an archaeological site: it also houses a museum of the most beautiful and interesting objects unearthed there. In addition, and this is less well known, there is a lapidarium housed in the underground chambers. Under normal circumstances, this collection of archaeologically valuable stones is only accessible to researchers. But now this special place is open to everyone, in a virtual way. Discover the virtual visits here.

On 18/06 at 12h30 we will also organise a Facebook Live in French and Dutch (https://www.facebook.com/palaisducoudenberg/live/) with a presentation of the lapidarium and objects from the museum collection, focusing on conservation and the management of an archaeological collection.

More info about the Urban Archaeology Days can be found on the website of urban.brussels.