Underground Treasure Hunt Audioguide & Interactive Plan Stone, Mortar, Chisel! Waouw! City Game Coudenberg

Underground treasure hunt (for children)

A treasure hunt for the whole familyActivité jeu de piste

Little Charles V needs your help! He has forgotten the code to open his treasure chest. And there’s something very special in that chest: his collar of the order of the Golden Fleece. Little Charles is looking for tough princes and princesses to crack the code. If you succeed, no doubt Charles will reward you!

How does it work?

Every child receives a backpack with the equipment to complete missions (treasure map, fancy dress, puzzle, flashlight...). Every mission gives a clue to find the password that will allow them to open the treasure chest (where the famous collar of the Golden Fleece is). The children receive a small gift at the end of the game.

Practical Information

  • Prices: 4 € / child (+ adult 10 €, senior 8 €). Article 27: €1.25.
  • Languages: French, Dutch, English, Spanish
  • Public: suitable for children from 5 to 8 years oldMarmaille & co accompanied by an adult.
  • Online reservation possible, depending on availability (BELvue Museum webshop). Call +32 2 500 45 54 in case of problem. Self-guided activity, without a Coudenberg guide
  • Duration: 1h - 1h30
  • Application: download in Google Play and App Store.

Audioguide & Interactive plan

A choice of themed audio tours: historical, musical or 3D, the choice is yours

Several routes are available:

  • Historical and archaeological tour: audioguide, interactive map and ancient iconography will help you discover the full history of Coudenberg Palace
  • Musical tour: a tour of the site with music, recorded live in the remains of the former Brussels Palace
  • Archane 3D visualisations: An experience that allows a global view of all the spaces and reveals hidden and inaccessible parts of the site

Access to the audioguide

Audioguide Coudenberg

Practical Information

  • Languages: French, Dutch, English, German
  • Access our tours on your own smartphone. Connect to our free Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi Coudenberg) to access them during your visit.

App "Stone, Mortar, Chisel!"

A digital journey to discover the hidden secrets of the Coudenberg Palace

With "Stone, mortar, chisel", Coudenberg Palace will no longer hold any secrets for you. This interactive application will allow you to get to know the palace in great detail and to observe the construction techniques used by the builders, stonemasons and architects of the time.

How does it work?

All you have to do is download the "Stone, mortar, chisel" application from Google Play or App Store and connect to the free Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi Coudenberg) to access it during your visit!

Application: free download in Google Play and App Store.

Practical Information

  • Admission: free for children under 18
  • Languages: French, Dutch, English
  • Public: young people aged 10 to 15
  • No reservation required
  • Duration: 1 h - 1 h 30

WAOUW! Treasure chests to enjoy and learn from

WaouwYou’d like to explore? Guess? Find? Create? Laugh? Tell tales? Just get into the Waouw Chests!

On arrival, you receive a bunch of keys; these open a number of chests containing a variety of activities to enjoy and discover some aspects of Coudenberg Palace: what it looked like, how it grew, its history, our collection of archaeological objects, archaeology itself… Games may be for one or several people and will help you to enjoy exploring the former Brussels’ Palace.

Practical information

  • When: changing times. Follow our news.
  • Languages: English, French, Dutch
  • Prices: Activity cost: €4 / child (+ €10 Adult, €8 Senior)
  • Public: Suitable for families with kids: ages 4-12, with at least 1 adult. (Max. 6 children per group / family)
  • Reservation recommended (soon on the BELvue Museum webshop). Call: + 32 (0)2 500 45 54 in case of problem
  • Self-guided activity, without a Coudenberg guide
  • Duration: 1h - 1h30

City Game Coudenberg

Quest of the Golden Key.

The Year 1615. As Brussels prepares for the celebrations of the Ommegang procession, a young architect named Joris presents himself to the court to enter the service of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella. But entering the service of the court is far from being a simple task: Joris will have to prove his competence!

Grab your smartphone and set off to discover the Royal Quarter in the company of our hero, meeting colourful notables who will put you to the test: observation, reflection, logic… Triumph and you will obtain the precious Golden Key that will open the doors of Coudenberg Palace! An adventure to be experienced, an exciting city game that will plunge you into the 17th century, at the court of the Archdukes.

Practical information:
How does it work: Download on Apple Store of Google Play. Enter the keyword “Coudenberg” - choose “City Game”.
Fee: € 5.99. Haven't visited the archaeological ruins of the Coudenberg Palace yet? On presentation of proof of download, you will receive a discount on entry (1 paid entry = 1 free entry).
Where: Coudenberg Palace, Place des Palais 7 1000 Brussels.

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   Google Play