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Coudenberg Museum is housed in the remains of the former Hoogstraeten House. It brings together a collection of objects discovered during archaeological excavations carried out on the site over the last 25 years. As part of the collections of the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region, these objects were given to Coudenberg Palace for exhibition and teaching purposes.

The permanent exhibition presents the collections of the City and the Region by mixing them according to several themes: ceramics, glass or metal; presentation of ceramic stove tiles and objects from the same closed context of excavation; awareness of the archaeological professions, particularly restoration... Amongst the most remarkable objects are the collection of Venetian-style glassware, clay pipes and armaments.

The museum is not open to the public at the moment due to construction work. However, all the objects can be consulted thanks to two online inventories and a virtual visit.

Inventaire patrimoine mobilierInventory of Movable Cultural Heritage

All the objects on display are included in the inventory of Brussels' movable heritage, developed by the Brussels-Capital Region.

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Resource Library

Centre de ressourcesIn our digital Resource Library, you will find all the objects on display, but also a selection of old representations of the palace: paintings, engravings, old photographs, etc., as well as recent audio or video testimonies. It is regularly updated with new textual, visual and multimedia resources.

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