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Practical information

  • What is the Coudenberg?

The Coudenberg consists of two parts:

- The Coudenberg Archaeological Site with the remains of Coudenberg Palace and Rue Isabelle;
- The Coudenberg Museum, housed in the remains of Hoogstraeten House, where a selection of about 200 archaeological objects discovered during excavations are exhibited.

  • Where is the entrance to the Coudenberg?

The entrance is located at 7 Place des Palais, to the right of the Royal Palace. The Coudenberg shares its entrance with the BELvue Museum.

  • Are there parking spaces near the Coudenberg?

Yes, opposite the museum on the Place des Palais, but also at the Grand Sablon, Place du Trône, Rue Ducale and the Albertine car park (Rue des Sols/Place de la Justice). These places are subject to a charge.

  • Is the Coudenberg accessible by wheelchair?

The archaeological site is only partially wheelchair accessible. The Aula Magna and the upper part of Rue Isabelle are not accessible. The museum part is mostly accessible, but through another entrance. Detailed information can be found on our page Accessibility.

  • Is there a lift in the Coudenberg?

No. There is no lift for the public as the majority of the spaces are on the same level.

  • Can I leave my stroller at the reception?

Yes, it is quite possible. The Coudenberg is not responsible in case of theft or damage. However, the exit is 300 metres from the entrance.

  • Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, we have a cloakroom with secure lockers. Please note: it is not large enough to store suitcases. The Coudenberg declines all responsibility for items not in the lockers. A second separate cloakroom is available for school groups. However, the exit is 300 metres from the entrance and the climate in the underground archaeological site is rather cool; moreover, the return to the reception area is from outside (Place Royale).

  • Is the Coudenberg free on Sundays?

No. The usual rates apply.

  • Do I have automatic access to the BELvue museum when I go to Coudenberg Palace?

Although the entrance to the Coudenberg is in the BELvue museum, the entrance to the BELvue has to be paid separately at the BELvue/Coudenberg reception desk. You can find the rates in the section Practical information for a combined visit, or rates for the BELvue only on

  • How long does a visit to the Coudenberg last?

The duration depends on your pace, but the average length of a visit is about one and a half hours. In combination with the BELvue, it takes two and a half hours.

  • Can animals enter the museum?

Only guide dogs accompanying visually impaired people are allowed in.

  • Can food and drinks be brought into the Coudenberg?

No. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Coudenberg.

  • Is there a picnic area?

There is no picnic area at the Coudenberg or at the BELvue museum. You can, if available, reserve a room at the BIP - Brussels Info Place (located opposite the BELvue) - Reservation: - Price: free. Weather permitting, you can also take the opportunity to eat in the Brussels Park located just opposite the Royal Palace.

  • Can we eat at the restaurant without visiting the museum?

Yes, it is possible. You can eat at the restaurant without visiting the museum.

  • Do I need to make a reservation for the restaurant?

From 10 persons onwards, you are asked to make a reservation via the restaurant's website:

  • Are there enough resting places on site (benches, etc.)?

Yes. Benches, chairs and red chests are scattered throughout the Coudenberg for resting.

Activities / Games

  • Is it possible to visit with audioguides?

Yes, our audioguide can be consulted via a free web application on your own smartphone: A free Wi-Fi network allows you to access it during your visit. Please note: there are no audioguide devices available on site.

  • What exactly does the treasure hunt consist of? Will the children receive a gift at the end of the treasure hunt?

The treasure hunt consists of 7 missions, allowing you to discover the Coudenberg in a fun and pleasant way for young and old. The children will find all the necessary equipment to complete the missions in a backpack.
Yes, a small gift awaits the children at the end of the game.

  • The treasure hunt is suitable for children of what age?

The game is suitable for children between 5 and 8 years old, helped by adults.

  • We would like to participate in the treasure hunt with our school, is this possible?

The treasure hunt is not adapted for school groups. Instead, we recommend you our WAOUW! treasure chests. Check out our page Activities with the school.

  • Can I take my children to the Coudenberg for the games and pick them up later?

No, this is not the point. When you come to the Coudenberg with children, the intention is that you accompany the children during the game. We do not employ a supervisor.


  • Can I use the caterer of my choice?

You are free to choose your own caterer. In this case, we ask that we meet with them beforehand to discuss the specificities of our spaces. We can also provide you with a list of caterers who have already worked with us and who are familiar with the constraints and specificities, for your convenience.

  • Can I use the service provider of my choice (technical, security, reception, decoration...)?

Any specific request concerning particular arrangements requiring the intervention of an external service provider must be discussed in advance by e-mail or telephone with the team in charge of events at Coudenberg Palace.

  • Do you have technical equipment?

Coudenberg Palace has several pieces of equipment available to event organisers. This equipment is listed in a document presenting the spaces, available on request (

  • Do you have HORECA equipment?

Coudenberg Palace has tables and chairs for eating and drinking available for events. The caterer must bring in any additional equipment.

  • Do you provide staff during the events?

A member of our team will be on hand throughout the duration of your event, from set-up to dismantling.

  • What are the formulas proposed?

We offer two types of privatization of our spaces:

- Afterwork packages, reserved for the early evening (from 17.00 / 18.00 to 19.00), which consist in renting our spaces for a private visit outside of normal opening hours;
- Nocturnes (from 17.00 to 2.00 max.), which allow you to rent our spaces for long receptions.

  • Who can rent your spaces?

We make our spaces available for corporate events, incentives and teambuilding. We do not host private parties (weddings, christenings, etc.). Our spaces can only be privatised outside our normal opening hours (9.30 to 17.00 Tuesday to Friday, 10.00 to 18.00 at weekends and during school holidays). 

  • What are your rates?

Our prices vary according to three factors: the formula chosen, the hours and the number of people. If there is a caterer, the set-up time must be included in the rental price. The cleaning of the space is also an additional charge.

As each event is unique, we will discuss with you how best to adapt our rates to your activity.

  • Do you offer specific activities for companies?

Our Afterwork package allows you to rent the space for a private visit. We do not offer guides, but we provide you with a list of guide associations that offer tours of the Coudenberg Palace. We also have a free audio guide.

Recently we started offering Murder Mystery Teambuilding, a team investigation game in our archaeological site, ideal for incentive or teambuilding activities.