Logo ArchaneCoudenberg Palace, a prominent feature of the archaeology of Brussels, makes its entrance into the archaeology of the 21st century. The "Archane" project mobilizes the latest technologies to provide archaeological research with a dynamic database and enable 3D modelling of acquired knowledge. Developed by a multidisciplinary team in partnership with the University of Liège, this original digital tool will offer the public a new discovery experience and à la carte visitor routes through the site.

A small revolution is underway at Coudenberg Palace. Started in 2017 in partnership with the University of Liège, the "Archane" research project, funded by the Beliris cooperation agreement, offers the possibility of comprehensive digital recording of knowledge acquired by traditional methods of archaeology.

Combined with a 3D modelling tool, this original information and restitution system offers multiple advantages for both scientists and the general public. On the one hand, "Archane" allows an optimal connection and presentation of the various existing supports – plans, records, photographs or illustrations. On the other hand, the tool makes it possible to visualize the evolution of the site over time and in its urban environment.

Thanks to this project, Coudenberg Palace aims now offers a unique experience to visitors by revealing hidden and inaccessible parts of the site.

View the models made by the Archane project via our free audioguide.

It is the work of a multidisciplinary team: developed by Coudenberg Palace, financed by Beliris, in collaboration with UGeom,, the City of Brussels, the SRAB and IRPA-KIK.

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