Coudenberg Sound Box Fest

Coudenberg Sound Box Fest is much more than a musical festival. Since 2021, it aims to reconnect its audience with Belgium’s archaeological, historical and artistic heritage, by bringing the remains of Coudenberg Palace into dialogue with the eclecticism and dynamism of the present. The CSBF is under the brilliant musical curatorship of Matteo Gemolo.

From ancient music dating back to the 14th century to contemporary compositions, via baroque, jazz, folk and electronic music, the subtle and invisible links between these styles are revealed by internationally renowned musicians from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and elsewhere.

Musical Tour

CSBF 2020
CSBF 2020 behind the scenes. Photo Coudenberg Palace

Take a musical tour of the remains of the former Palace of Brussels. The musical selection was recorded live on the archaeological site itself.

Practical Info

  • Languages: French, Dutch, English, German.
  • Access: use your own smartphone. Connect to our free Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi Coudenberg) to access the tour during your visit.

Access to the tour

Concerts 2023

CSBF 2021
CSBF 2021. Concert Noxwode. Photo Nicolas Achten

After two concert cycles in 2021 (evenings 1, 2 and 3) and 2022, which are reflected in the musical tour, we invite you to join us at the end of 2023 for 4 new concerts. The theme will be Music in its four elements: In search of its hidden roots.

CSBF 2023
CSBF 2023 behind the scenes. Petar Pejčić. Photo Jérémy Talon

Each concert will be dedicated to one of the natural elements, which will symbolically link seemingly distant musical genres. Alongside ensembles and artists established on the Belgian and international scene, such as La Cetra d’Orfeo and Gille Doneux, young talents will perform, including the cellist Petar Pejčić (5th price at the Queen Elisabeth Competition 2022), Belgian double bassist Anneleen Boehme, The WIG Society and the Duo Coordonné (lute and vocals).

These concerts will also feature unusual instruments such as the Serpent (played by Christophe Morisset), the ondes Martenot (played by Ludovic van Hellemont) and Japanese percussion (played by Tsubasa Hori).

Practical Info

  • All the details will be communicated via our News and social networks.

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