Coudenberg Sound Box Fest

The Coudenberg Palace proudly presents: the Coudenberg Sound Box Fest! Curated by Italian flautist and doctor in music performance Matteo Gemolo, this is where music meets history. Artists from Brussels and beyond perform and enchant their audience in the one-of-a-kind archaeological site in the heart of Europe. This wonderful initiative has grown and evolved since its inception in 2021, and now invites those interested to a series of 4 concerts, or joins you as a musical companion during your next visit. 


Get ready for an almost magical experience! Descend the stairs and the centuries, from a dark and wintery Sunday evening in Brussels, through the musical influences of the ages. Every concert sees an remarkable combination of two bands, ensembles or musicians, joining forces to immerse their audience in rich acoustics, from classical to contemporary music and everything in between. 

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Musical Tour

Couldn’t make it to the concerts? Or would you like to relive the experience and atmosphere from one of those evenings? We’ve got you covered! 

  • During your next visit to the Coudenberg Palace, bring your mobile phone and headphones.
  • Connect to the free wifi in the archaeological site
  • Scan the QR-code to access the audioguide, or go to
  • Select ‘Coudenberg Sound Box Fest’ – info available in French, Dutch, English and German.
  • Enjoy your musical visit! 

Won’t be able to make it any time soon, or rather enjoy the music at home? Watch and listen to some of the artists from previous Coudenberg Sound Box Fest editions on our YouTube channel